Bath Gels, Shower Gels, Body Lotions, and Cologne Mist

Treat your body to the Terranova All-Natural beauty product lines. "Rain" and "Pikake" are two of the top product lines.

The bath and shower gels are a soothing alternative to soap. The gels glide on smoothly and delicately cleanse your skin.

Terranova's Remedy Cream moisturizes those difficult and rough skin areas. It works epecially well on elbows and in dry climates to re-moisturize dry skin.

Calendula lotion is designed to moisturize the entire body after the bathing experience.

Follow with cologne mist or perfume and you are ready for your days' or evenings' activities.

  • Rain Replenishing Calendula Body Lotion

    Terranova | Rain Calendula Body Lotion

    Rain Body Lotion Terranova Rain Replenishing Calendula Body Lotion - ultra-hydrating lotion showers dry, thirsty skin with moisture to visibly quench, calm and replenish. Rich in nature’s proven botanicals of emollient Shea butter and soothing...

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  • Rain Primrose Massage & Body Oil

    Terranova | Rain Body Oil

    Terranova Rain Massage and Body Oil Rain Massage and Body Oil - Use as a sensual massage balm or smoothing bath or après shower oil to ease the spirit and renew the senses, while softening the skin. Indulge in the tranquility of a fresh...

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