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Dangle Earrings


What are Dangle Earrings?

The word "dangle" means to hang and swing to and fro or side to side. So, a dangle earring hangs below the earlobe and has movement. The length to which they hang is varied with some that even brush the shoulders.

The style can be a single chain or wire that extends from a hook, which is typical, or a post and ends in some sort of ornamental piece like a gemstone or a bead. For special occasions, a dangle of diamonds adds sparkle to the face. This style can also branch off into several layers and lengths creating a waterfall look. Please see our Dangle Earrings.


What do the terms 'natural,' 'organic,' 'non-toxic' and 'hypoallergenic' really mean on beauty product labels? Which is most important to look for?Natural: Legally, this means nothing—it's a completely unregulated term and should be thought of as pure marketing. It will generally mean that at least some natural ingredients have been used in the formula, but [...]

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Know the difference between Sterling Silver and Silver Plated jewelry

Do you know the difference between silver plating and sterling silver? Most fashion jewelry is silver plated. Unless it is specifically marked otherwise you should assume that your piece is plated. Silver plating is a very thin layer of silver deposited on to a base metal such as copper, brass, or nickel. These jewelry [...]

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Visiting the Tropical Islands of Cuba for the First Time

I just came back recently from my first trip to a tropical island. I went with my sister to Cuba for a week in May. My sister had been to Holguin, Cuba 6 months previous, but wanted to see other parts of the island. So we decided to venture to Cayo Santa Maria. I had [...]

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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Leather Bags

You've invested in a stylish leather bag, which you admire and love! As with anything else, time and general elements will want to make their mark and your beloved bag will start the aging process. Certain leather product types just get better with age, but all kinds will give you added years with just a basic level of care.There are [...]

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Sachets Have Other Uses !

Sachets have long be used for, and become associated with keeping garments smelling fresh with a pleasant scent. With the advent of modern soaps and fabric softeners, this use has dwindled. Some of my customers have found novel uses for sachets in their homes and businesses. The sachets are supplied in a decorative envelope that "breathes" [...]

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What Does Rain Smell Like?

A team of scientists at MIT isolated the source of that fresh smell we sense after a satisfying rain. The scent called petrichor (petra, the Greek word for “stone,” and ichor, which means “the blood of the gods,”) aerates when raindrops of a certain size and speed fall on porous earth, burst, and release chemical [...]

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Colorado 2015 Ski Season

Colorado ski season is opens with both Loveland and A-Basin (both at the Continental Divide) opening this last weekend. The combinations of projected storm tracks and snow making look to make this a great ski season.The storm tracks are as projected and all the ski areas are seeing accumulations in multiple feet with each storm. [...]

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I like to EAT !

Cocktails & SnacksI just found a culinary blog that not only has great or’ devour recipes (yes - I know, their are a bunch out there) but this site also has "The Friday Afternoon Cocktail" recipe replete with pictures. The picture I chose is an Apricot Margarita.I have tried some of these cocktails and find a [...]

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New FACEBOOK store page

We now have a new Facebook store page to help you keep current with promtions and new products. On our facebook site you can get the latest updates on new products, about what is going on in the store, and what is coming.

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