International Shipping

usps mailGift Xpress Ships Internationally

Customers are responsible for ALL in country customs duties and VAT (Value Added Tax).

I ship primarily USPS First-Class Package International Mail as it is the most cost effective overseas shipment method. I also offer USPS Priority International Mail.

Multiple different products can often be shipped for the price of a single item as Gift Xpress uses "combined weight" shipping. It is worthwhile to investigated adding additional product to your shopping cart as you can always reduce the quantities and use the update button to get the new shipping cost.

The shipping cost will be accurately calculated at checkout. To see an estimate of the shipping cost from Gift Xpress to your country follow these two steps:

1) Find the USPS Zone associated with your country (Use the far right column for First-Class Package International Service zones): USPS Country Price Groups and Weight Limits

2) Now find the Estimated USPS First-Class Package International Mail Cost for your Zone for the weight(s) of interest.

Items may be added or deleted in your shopping cart prior to purchase to get the exact cost and to see how multiple items impact the shipping costs. You will not lose the address information you have entered.


6 pill boxes = 8 oz.

3 Terranova "mushroom" cap perfumes = 8 oz.

(more product examples forthcoming)