Perfume Oils | Terranova 

Gift Xpress stocks the following Terranova perfumes: Rain, Pikake, Tiare Lei, Gardenia, China Rain, China Lily, China Musk, Pachouli, Plumeria, Tuberose, White Ginger, Oceana, Lotus Blush, Fig and Sambac, and Ile de Santal.

Terranova Perfume Oils are beautiful, timeless, alcohol-free perfumes made from all natural products. They are not tested on animals and contain only natural plant based ingredients (vegan). The new design bottles feature an easy open "mushroom" style cap.

  • China Lily Perfume China Lily Perfume

    China Lily Perfume | Terranova

    China Lily perfumeChina Lily perfume is a delicate and dreamy blend of fresh breezes and hyacinth melded with sweet muguet and jasmine. Dab this alcohol-free perfume on pulse points for a long-lasting fragrant appeal. One of TerraNova's original,...

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  • Tiare Lei Perfume | Terranova

    Tiare Lei Perfume | Terranova

    Tiare Lei PerfumeTiare Lei Perfume releases the heavenly aroma of lush Tiare, the Tahitian gardenia flower, coconut palm, vanilla, orchid, and passion flower by dabbing this alcohol-free perfume on pulse points.

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  • Fig and Sambac Perfume Fig and Sambac Perfume

    Fig and Sambac Perfume | Terranova

    Fig and Sambac PerfumeThis fabulous, Mediterranean inspired Fig and Sambac perfume embodies luscious, ripe Grecian figs and intoxicating jasmine sambac vines, entwined in earthy cedar and vetiver for exquisite wearability. Sweet and delicious,...

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  • Gardenia Perfume | Terranova

    Gardenia Perfume | Terranova

    Gardenia PerfumeGardenia Perfume fragrance imparts the long-lasting aroma of velvety Gardenia blossoms for a soft and sensuous aura. Dab on pulse points for maximum effect. A lovely evening perfume for a night out for dinner and the theater.The...

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  • Ile de Santal perfume Ile de Santal perfume

    ILE de SANTAL Perfume | Terranova

    Ile de Santal PerfumeTerranova Ile de Santal perfume is lush, warm notes of creamy coconut, rich sandalwood and exotic white musk that are artfully blended to carry us away to a beautiful island oasis. This addicting scent is perfect...

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  • Lotus Blush Perfume | Terranova

    Lotus Blush Perfume | Terranova

    Lotus Blush PerfumeTerranova Lotus Blush perfume is dewy and lovely as a lotus blossom. A symbol of purity of heart, Lotus Blush Perfume is laced with top notes of juicy mandarin, pear and sparkling freesia petals. All is veiled in blond bamboo and...

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  • Plumeria Perfume | Terranova

    Plumeria Perfume | Terranova

    Plumeria PerfumeTerranova Plumeria Perfume Essence is a pure form of alcohol-free plumeria fragrance oil offering a lasting memory of gently sweet and spicy plumeria blossoms. Dab on to envelope yourself in the uplifting aura of The Hawaiian...

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  • Tuberose Perfume | Terranova

    Tuberose Perfume | Terranova

    Tuberose PerfumeTuberose Perfume fragrance offers a lasting memory of fresh, seductive tuberose blossoms. Sheer, sensual tuberose is fresh by day while inspiring romance at night....0.40 fl oz Bottle

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