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terranova rain collectionRain Collection

Women like Terranova's all natural Rain collection because the scent is soft and subtle, not overwhelming. When women wearing the Rain perfume or cologne walk by the is no powerful lingering scent long after the they have passed. There is a complete Rain product line from bath gel, skin lotion, cologne, perfume, and skin creme. The Terranova Rain collection is our most popular seller.

A team of scientists at MIT isolated the source of that fresh smell we sense after a satisfying rain. The scent called petrichor (petra, the Greek word for “stone,” and ichor, which means “the blood of the gods,”) aerates when raindrops of a certain size and speed fall on porous earth, burst, and release chemical compounds from the ground into the air.

Humans are apparently hardwired to appreciate rainfall, having depended on it to a great extent for crop survival in the past.

"Rain" perfumes are very popular because they are so natural.

Terranova has captured the "Rain" essence in an exquisitely fresh, clean and renewing with invigorating aromas of dewy clover and spring lilies burst forth to awaken your senses, while a veil of sheer musk creates an aura of delicate sensuality. The clean scent of the air after a cool spring rainfall.

If you love the fresh air feel and smell after a fresh cleansing rain, you will love this fragrance.

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  • Rain Replenishing Calendula Body Lotion

    Terranova | Rain Calendula Body Lotion

    Rain Body Lotion Terranova Rain Replenishing Calendula Body Lotion - ultra-hydrating lotion showers dry, thirsty skin with moisture to visibly quench, calm and replenish. Rich in nature’s proven botanicals of emollient Shea butter and soothing...

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  • Rain Bath and Shower Gel Rain Bath and Shower Gel | Terranova

    Rain Bath and Shower Gel | Terranova

    Terranova Rain Bath and Shower Gel Terranova Rain Bath & Shower Gel sparkles in this luxurious, shower and bath gel infused with mineralizing sea kelp, hydrating glycerin and gentle coconut oil to cleanse gently, moisturize and soften skin...

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  • Rain Primrose Massage & Body Oil

    Terranova | Rain Body Oil

    Terranova Rain Massage and Body Oil Rain Massage and Body Oil - Use as a sensual massage balm or smoothing bath or après shower oil to ease the spirit and renew the senses, while softening the skin. Indulge in the tranquility of a fresh...

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