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pikake flowerTerranova PIKAKE Collection

The Pikake fragrances are the celebration of the natural beauty of the Hawaiian jasmine flower by this name with its gorgeous, true to nature fragrant perfume. Escape to paradise as you lather up with our creamy this rich soap made with natural glycerin, and massage our light, non-greasy lotion on dry skin for instant softness. Finish this exquisite scent journey by dabbing our lush perfume oil on pulse points, or spray on a refreshing spritz of pikake jasmine with the cologne mist.

The Pikake fragrance collection is made from the extracts of the Pikake flower. These flowers are widely used in Hawaiian Leis intermixed with orchids to produce a beautiful lei with a lovely soft scent of the intermingled flowers.

  • Terranova Pikake Perfume

    Pikake Perfume | Terranova

    Pikake Perfume Terranova Pikake Perfume Essence is an alcohol-free fragrance in its purest form for a delicate, yet lasting, aura of delicate pikake blossoms. The fragrant "flower of romance," honors Kaiulani, the beloved last princess of...

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  • Pikake Bath and Shower Gel

    Pikake Bath and Shower Gel | Terranova

    Terranova Pikake Hydrating Bath and Shower Gel Pikake Bath and Shower Gel is a rich foaming, luxurious cleansing gel that washes away dirt and impurities without stripping skin of essential moisture. Purifying tropical botanicals -...

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